Yachad Family Shabbaton


Yachad’s Family Shabbaton (Weekend Retreat) provides parents and siblings with support groups, networking, individual time with caring professionals who are leaders in the field and workshops which cover a variety of topics, including developmental milestones, the ABC’s of Autism, social skills vocational readiness, family dynamics and more!  These are just some of the many important topics our workshops address to provide families with vital and timely information.

Costs of Shabbaton

  • Adult 12+: $250 per person
  • Children 7-11: $125 per child
  • Children 3-6: $75.00 per child
  • Children 0-3: FREE
  • Crib: $10 per night
  • Refrigerator: $10 per night
  • Transportation (from Brooklyn and Washington Heights only): $60 per person

Please contact the Yachad office at 212-613-8229 or Yachad@ou.org if you have questions or concerns.