Yachad Morris Sandelbaum High School Fellowship


Exclusively for current high school Juniors!


Fill out your application here.


What is the Yachad MSHS Fellowship Program?

This program provides select students, who will have completed their junior year of high school, the chance to work as a CIT in one of Yachad’s various summer programs for one session (approximately two to four weeks) during the summer. Participants will gain intensive leadership training and hands-on experience working with individuals with special needs. During the summer, Fellows will be supervised by the Yachad program director of the program they attend and will have 24/6 access to the fellowship program directors for additional mentoring as well. Fellows will have junior counselor responsibilities within the larger framework of the Yachad programming at that site.

Fellowship will take place at:
  • Camp Nesher
  • Camp Lavi
  • Camp Morasha
  • Camp Shoshanim
  • Camp Moshava
  • Camp Mesorah
New sites for 2015!
  • Yachad Getaway
  • Camp Moshava Malibu (need to live locally)
  • Camp Keshet (need to live locally)*
  • Camp Moshava Ba’ir NJ (need to live locally)*
  • Camp Moshava Ba’ir Toronto (need to live locally)*
Fellows will also:
  • Participate in one training weekend (tentatively Friday, March 27, 2015 at 4:00 PM – Sunday, March 29, 2015 at 1:00 PM) and two half-day trainings (on Sundays) prior to the summer (required)
    • Those who live outside of the NY area will be required to attend the Shabbaton (we will fly you in) and to call in for these meetings
  • Be invited to be Yachad staff the following summer, after successfully completing the program.
  • Be invited to attend a summer programs reunion after the summer (optional)
What is the application process for the Fellowship program? 
  • Filling out an application – available here.
  • Minimum of two recommendations.  Recommendation form will be sent via email to those you list as references on your application.
  • Supplementary form including two essays (will be sent to you after completion of your application)
  • An in person interview on Sunday, November 16 or Sunday, December 7th in Washington Heights**
  • Participation at a Yachad Shabbaton (for those who haven’t done so already)
  • $500 application fee, returned at the end of the summer***


Deadline for applications is on Monday, November 24, 2014. Limited spots available, so apply now!


*In addition to taking part in an amazing experience, Fellows who work at Keshet, Moshava Ba’ir NJ or Moshava Ba’ir Toronto will receive a stipend.

**Those who are unavailable to attend either of these dates must come into the Yachad office, between 9-5 M-Th, for an interview. For those who do not live in the NY/NJ area, interviews will take place over skype.

***For those who complete the full length of the program

For more information, please contact Yachad’s summer department at yachadsummer@ou.org or 212-613-8369.